Product Development Series 001 - TGV Deletes

In our series #001 -MORE SUBARU PARTS!

Our Tumbler-Generator Valve (TGV) Deletes product that is to be put into production shortly. This one is for top-feed injectors.

What's a TGV and what can I do about it to help me?
A TGV has a divider down the middle of the housing and uses a butterfly flap to open and close one half of the TGV housing; the half that opens and closes is the one further away from the injector spray area. The idea of closing the further half is to redirect the air to flow right over injector nozzle area, which allows better Air/Fuel mixture and more stable velocity of lower air volume. Primarily, TGV's are closed during cold-start procedure and during idle. Now that we know what it does, we have an idea that due to the size of such mechanism would be creating a restriction during higher air volumes and thus robbing some horsepower.

Replace it with an appropriate TGV deleted housing!

Required? Why?
A tune.
Due to the removal of the TGV motor, your ECU will sense this and emit a CEL. Additionally, the change in flow needs to be accommodated for, and most importantly the change during cold-start procedure and idle.

The good stuff:

- Billet 6061 Aluminum
- Gains of +10WHP/10WTQ
- Anodized finish which will be in either Black or Polished
- Beautiful SS Grade 8 bolts
- Compatible with OEM and aftermarket top-feed fuel rails and injectors
- No more stress-cracking
- Fast cool-down time thanks to Aluminum properties



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