About Us

What do we do?

Here at Unrivalled Performance, we help our automotive enthusiast family learn and find the tools, products and knowledge to modify their vehicles.
 We believe in quality over quantity. We work with each individual in 3 stages - Planning, Purchasing, and Installation. By allowing the modification process to be administrated by us, we can ensure each client receives quality service, parts and avoiding disappointment. In specific, we work with custom part prototypes including CNC, billet aluminum parts, custom suspension setups. Additionally, after much exploring in extended service trials, we found our love for paint correction and paint restoration. Snippets of our work can be found under our blogs! 

Why Us?

We are purists who are inspired by innovation, passion and the love for attention in the details. 
We pursue only the highest level of satisfaction for our customers and we'll always go the extra miles to ensure it happens.