Professional Tune - Street Adjustment

Professional Tune - Street Adjustment

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What's a professional tune?
A professional tune is an ECU parameter adjustment that is tailored to your car, specifically.

Why a profession tune?
By adjusting ECU parameters to have it set around your specific car and specific modifications, it allows the car run healthy, properly and reliably. Doing such, it avoids the drastic changes the ECU would try to implement and having the car run rough, or using a one-size-fits-all tunes/maps that may not be the appropriate parameters to run.

How is it done?
ECU parameter adjustment is done via the OBD II port, it overwrites the existing information on your ECU with new values that better fit the new changes on your car. The adjustments can always be reversed.

What's the difference between a dyno tune and a street tune?
In terms of final results, there is almost no difference. However, a dyno tune is generally used for achieving maximum reliable power; a street tuned is aimed at doing the minor touches to make sure the car drives smoothly and in a street-friendly manner.

Tunes are currently only offered for locally to Ottawa, ON. Please contact us if you wish to arrange specific details.